What We Make

High Performance Textiles

True Textiles is the leading North American fabric mill for proprietary, custom, and open line textiles. Our customers demand the highest quality fabrics for the wide range of products they produce and the demanding needs of the markets in which these products are used. At True Textiles, we continue to lead our industry and receive high marks from our customers for the following types of fabrics.

  • Upholstery: Designs, color palettes, and performance enhancements for seating products across a wide range of environments. 
  • Panel: Vertical applications most often found on desking systems in the contract office furniture market. 
  • Acoustic: Tested specifically for their sound transparency, these panel fabric designs are used in conjunction with sound absorption products where acoustic control is desired – schools, offices, auditoriums, hospitals, houses of worship, etc.
  • Cubicle / Privacy Curtains: Typically used within the Healthcare market, these designs have the aesthetic characteristics desired and perform to the rigors of this environment, including being bleach cleanable. 
  • Wall Covering: Designed and tested specifically to meet the needs of vertical wall applications. 
  • Window Covering: Designs and widths specific to meet the needs of window covering manufacturers. 

Proprietary and Custom Textiles

Whether you’re a manufacturer seeking out a proprietary fabric program that will set your products apart from the competition for years to come, or an Architect or Designer with a project that calls for a custom design specifically to meet your customer’s immediate need, True Textiles will provide solutions that work within your time, price, performance, and aesthetic constraints.

Open Line Textiles

For those who need immediate gratification, True Textiles offers an industry leading assortment of fabrics with our Guilford of Maine collection. This well rounded group offers current designs, colors, and performance characteristics for most any application. 

Weft Knitted Textiles

If woven fabric doesn't fit your needs, our weft knitting division, Teknit, may be your answer.  Weft knitting provides form fitting 2D or 3D fabric parts designed to work with the specific geometry of your design or product, greatly reducing the upholstery labor associated with woven textiles.