Press Release | Duvaltex Acquires True Textiles

February 19, 2016
We are very excited to announce the beginning of a new future for True Textiles, Guilford of Maine, and TeknitDuvaltex Inc., a holding company based in Quebec Canada, specializing in textile innovation and development, has acquired our company. Duvaltex also owns Victor Textiles, Inc., a leading North American textile manufacturer. True Textiles and Victor Textiles will continue to operate as independent business units.
"This acquisition brings together two of the industry's most established and successful companies, recognized for their dedication to innovative product design and commitment to sustainability," stated Alain Duval, president of Duvaltex Inc. "The True Textiles brands are respected worldwide, and we are looking forward to continuing to maintain that reputation, while exploring new opportunities for growth and diversification. We believe customers of all of the brands will see the benefits as we move forward to this exciting new chapter for both companies."
We invite you to join us in celebrating our new beginning. 
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